Background Investigations
    We offer a complete range of personal as well as business background investigative services
    including:  prospective spouse, business partner, employee or vendor.

    We will diligently work to uncover pertinent information relating to your case.    

    Missing Persons & Skip Tracing Services
    Is someone you love missing and you are concerned about their safety or health?
    Do you have a missing child?
    Are you looking for a witness for a court matter or collecting a debt?

    Complete Investigations, Inc., will go above and beyond to try and gain answers for you.

    Insurance Investigations
    We have the experience and dedication to make sure we gain the evidence you need to prove or
    disprove a case.

    Infidelity Investigations
    If you suspect your spouse of cheating, please give us a call BEFORE beginning any investigation
    yourself.  Crucial information can be lost if you jump the gun.  We will discuss your case and
    create a systematic plan.

    Child Custody Investigations
    Are among the most important services we provide. Having children of our own we understand
    what you are going through.  We try to handle these issues as delicately as possible for the sake
    of the child. We will do our best to maintain or reclaim a safe environment for your child, working
    with you every step of the way.

    Criminal Investigations
    We go the extra mile when it comes to criminal investigations, we talk to witnesses, obtain any
    possible photos or videos necessary to gain knowledge of the incident and maintain contact with
    you, giving us every opportunity to solve the case.

    Scene investigations include interviewing of witnesses, a canvas of the area, photographs of the
    scene, video of the scene when necessary, drawings when necessary and a detailed report. This
    is all useful if someone has been involved in an accident and needs witnesses or proof of where,
    when and how the accident occurred, this is also beneficial in cases of theft.

    Additional Investigation Services
    Are available. If the services you need are not listed above, please contact us and let us know how
    we can help.

    Service of Process
    We have process servers for just about every county in the State of Georgia.  We can locate an
    individual and complete the serve in a timely manner.  We do not set a three attempt limit as some
    process servers do.  We believe you are paying us for a service and you should get what you pay
    for.  Rush serves are not an issue and can usually be completed the same day, please call us to

Complete Investigations, Inc.         404-550-4206
"Intelligent, Trained, Committed!"